Technicolor Cinestyle

I’m excited to announce that Technicolor has officially released their newly formed picture profile for Canon EOS cameras.

It can be downloaded for free from Technicolor’s website.

I just installed in on my 7D, but won’t have a real chance to play with it until tomorrow. As far as I can tell, Technicolor has provided a way to record the log image data from the camera sensor, without baking in the Rec709 color space (standard for HD). The result is more retained detail in the highlights and blacks of the image. Straight from the camera, the image will look flat, low contrast. In theory, it will be excellent for color grading and image sweetening in post production.

Although the profile helps retain highlight and black details, the video is still compressed using H.264 compression. Will the new profile crush the subtle details by baking in a flat look?

In the end, it’s free, and created by color geniuses, so it’s worth a shot. I’ll let you all know what I discover as soon as I get a chance to play.

  1. Oscar says:

    Thank you from Spain! Just a question about Unsharp Mask in post… How many with Premiere unsharp mask is enought for Technicolor?

    • Nels Chick says:

      Hi Oscar! When I apply an unsharp mask filter, I always tweak it per image, but I always start with these settings:

      Amount: 100
      Radius: 0.3
      Threshold: 1

      Your creative tastes will likely differ, but it’s nice to have a good place to start. My advice is usually to keep the radius down under 0.5, and keep the amount under 200, but I’ve broken those rules plenty of times. Also, a lot of times I’ll push the threshold up to 2, but rarely higher. Good Luck!

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